Iglesia Reina



The Church of Reina is the popular name given to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Ignatius of Loyola, an imposing neo-Gothic Catholic church located in the popular Queen Street Central Havana.

Its construction was motivated by the needs of the Jesuit fathers to have a place dedicated to their trades. It began on August 7, 1914 until his inauguration on May 3, 1923, having been consecrated by the Bishop Monsignor Pedro Gonzalez Estrada.

The church altar was made of alabaster, wood and bronze in Madrid, by the Rev. S. Granda. It also has beautiful stained glass windows illustrative depicting the life of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, passages of the life of Ignatius Loyola and some Jesuit saints, sent to France to make the famous Casa Maumejean. It also has one of the finest organs in Cuba.

Since its foundation has so far received two restorations, one in 1954 and another in 1996, still, even today, the highest church on the island.

Type: Building

Year built:1914 - 1923

Address: Avenida de Bolívar (Reina) Nro. 463 Centro Habana

Phone:+53 8624979//8668460

Author: Hermano Gogorza y Eugenio Dediot

Style: Gothic Revival

Area of interest: Architecture, History

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