Cuba Libre



On a silky day, I met Cuba for first time, a Cuba I had imagined all my life. She was dressed in green, pink, ocean, coral, mud, sun, sky and fruit. Her breeze was fresh, scented by rum, Habano cigars, sugar cane and rain. Blissful tunes of guitars, percussion and wind instruments were an everlasting amusement for her people who danced at any place fearless of the time.

The Cuban by tradition is cheerful, enthusiastic, nostalgic and romantic. Filled with hope and humble, the Cuban adores conversation and even if they complain and protest, their dreamful soul and positive spirits makes them fall in love with life once again.

Closed and majestic, socialist and tourist, Cuba is the theater-scene where everyday a tragic comedy of "the survival" is performed to the eyes of the ones that support or contradict the revolution. A revolution that begun more than fifty years ago with Fidel Castro.

It's important to visit Cuba, to live it, to understand it. A country with a universal culture that we find reflected in their architecture, literature, music and fine art. The Island of uncertain future looks for a new economic solution while the rest of the world waits for its change.

Written by Carlotta Bosch
Photos by Claudia Sanchez Garin

Type: Monument


Area of interest: film, Literature, Dance, History, Gastronomy, Politics