Hotel Habana Libre



The Habana Libre hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Havana, it was opened in 1958 as a result of an agreement between Retiro Gastronómico de Cuba and Hilton International Hotels under the name Habana Hilton. The rationalist style facility is located in one of the most central corners of the city, near the University of Havana and the popular Malecón (Seawall).

Because of the continuous disagreements between the new revolutionary government and Hilton International Hotels the facility was nationalized on June 11, 1960, changing its name to the current Habana Libre. In the room 2324 Fidel Castro established his headquarters during the early days of the Revolution. Among its numerous values ​​we can mention the 670 m² giant mural that decorates its facade, following a sketch by the famous Cuban artist Amelia Peláez; there is also the Clepsydra´s sculpture, a 10-meter-high metal and glass column, which emerges from a fountain located in the lobby, designed by sculptor Rita Longa, among other prestigious pieces by recognized potters, sculptors and artisans in lounges, hallways and rooms of the hotel. Inside you can find the newly opened and famous Casa del Habano (Cigar´s house) and in its highest floor the famous Turquino cabaret.

Type: Building

Year built:1955 - 1958

Address: Ocupa la manzana comprendida entre las calles L, M, 23 y 25, Vedado Plaza de la revolucion

Phone:+53 8346100 // 8384011

Author: Nicolás Arroyo y Gabriela Menéndez

Style: Rationalism

Area of interest: Architecture, film, History, Politics

Services: Restaurant, Shop, Bar