Il Divino





Great restaurant with Italian basis, amazing grill, author and Cuban touch, at moderate prices in amazing location surrounded by tropical wood in the middle of Havana. Reservations and large groups are accepted.
Leg of lamb in a red wine sauce, Divino paella, Pork ribs in charcoal whit our special sauce or Thermidor Lobster cooked in mushroom cream and mustard.

Address:Calle Raquel, No. 50 e/ Esperanza y Lindero, Reparto Castillo de Averhoff, Mantilla, Arroyo Naranjo cerca de Parque Lenin al lado de autopista na

Phone:+53 7643 7734

email:[email protected]

Cuisine: Traditional , Italian , Cocktails , Cuban , Grill , Author

Type: Restaurant

Facilities: Classic, Very comfortable, terrace, Open on Sunday night